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Stunning Models of America's Flagship

Ever since she was first constructed, the SS United States has been admired for her beauty. From passengers and crew to maritime enthusiasts and beyond, people from all walks of life have been taken with her graceful lines, distinctive shape, and patriotic red, white, and blue funnels.

Of course, all these features were not only pleasing to eye, but also crucial to the ship’s design — allowing America’s Flagship to transport thousands of passengers across the Atlantic Ocean faster than any other liner. However, it’s little surprise that her undeniable beauty has inspired countless visual artists.

In particular, the iconic appearance of the SS United States has been a source of inspiration for those who create models of ships. Today, the Conservancy is excited to share photos of some of these “little” recreations of the Big U.

This first model was sent to us by Randy Becker. It was built by Randy’s grandfather, Paul Erdman Becker, sometime in the 1950s or 1960s. Paul’s model is 3 feet long, and sports a wonderful attention to detail — the kind that could only have come from countless hours of painstaking craftsmanship.

In the photo below, you can get a good look at the United States’ lifeboats, which could’ve easily accommodated everyone on the ship, well beyond her official capacity. (Thankfully, the lifeboats were never pressed into service.)

Our next model was built by Nick Engelhart, a master carpenter from Austria who frequently worked on clocks. It is currently owned by Michael A. Garlisch, who was kind enough to send in photos of Nick’s stunning work.

Here’s a closer look at this gorgeous reproduction, which offers a nice view of the Big U’s signature green decks.

While the SS United States exterior tends to get most of the attention from artists, the interior of the ship was equally distinctive. Xavier Frossard built this faithful recreation of one of the Big U’s guest rooms.

To see more photos of Xavier Frossard’s amazing miniatures, CLICK HERE.


Have you created a model or other artistic depiction of the SS United States? We’d love to see it! Contact us.

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