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Meet SS 1: The Big U Reimagined

Ever since she first set sail in 1952, America's Flagship has captured the imagination of people across the globe.

She has inspired countless works of art, from beautiful portraits and stirring songs to stunning, incredibly realistic models.

For other creative individuals, she's provided a jumping-off point for inventive and imaginative pieces. Thomas Fritze, an SS United States enthusiast from Munich, Germany, has reimagined the vessel as an aircraft carrier named "SS 1 - Summit Ship No. 1."

The SS 1. Photo courtesy of Thomas Fritze.

This unique, yet familiar-looking vessel would serve as an aircraft carrier for US Air Force One, while also allowing access to other world leaders and dignitaries from nations all over the world. Thomas Fritze explains:

"The SS-1 serves as a floating venue for political summits such as the G-10 summit, containing several helipads and landing pads for the VIP guests to arrive."

The model also includes a number of safety features that allow authorized aircraft to more easily land or take off, and even a removable helipad that features a hidden swimming pool underneath.

The "President's catapult airplane," which allows for quick takeoff in case of an emergency.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Fritze.

Below, find more photos of Thomas Fritze's delightful "Summit Ship 1."


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