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Own Rare, Historic Footage of America's Flagship on DVD

The SS United States is admired the world over for so many reasons — from her impeccable design and unparalleled performance as a liner to the fond memories she left her many passengers.

Today, we are excited to showcase a pair of DVDs, produced by Wayne Forth and PhotoScenics, which document the iconic interiors of America's Flagship.

The first of these, SS United States: The Way She Was, is the final video footage of the ship's interior spaces, as they appeared in the ship's active service days. It was filmed in 1986, prior to the Big U being "gutted to the bulkheads" and towed to Turkey for remediation. The video was produced by a professional cameraman and, because of its historical significance, has had minimal editing.

The second DVD is entitled The SS United States Collection at Windmill Point. Amassed in 1984 by Dr. Sarah Forbes, this vast collection filled the Windmill Point Restaurant in Nags Head, NC, for over 20 years. In July 2008, Dr. Forbes allowed PhotoScenics inside the closed restaurant to document this incredible collection. The entire collection was later donated to the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, VA, which subsequently donated some of the items to the SS United States Conservancy (more on that in a future issue of this newsletter).

CLICK HERE to add these amazing DVDs to your personal collection. A portion of all DVD sales will be donated to the SS United States Conservancy.

The SS United States in Norfolk, Virginia.

Photo courtesy of Wayne Forth/


The Conservancy needs your help to spread the word about the SS United States as we continually work to give her a long-overdue second act.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can get involved today.

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