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The Fastest Ship in the World

Today’s modern cruise ships are huge, but they’re not built for speed like the SS United States. William Francis Gibbs designed America’s Flagship to be the fastest ship in the world. And she retains that title to this day.

Boasting four 77,000 horsepower engines, the United States could speed across the rough north Atlantic at speeds in excess of 40 mph! Imagine the Chrysler Building – or any 1000-foot skyscraper – moving horizontally at anything close to that speed. Then, picture that building navigating 90-foot hurricane waves! (Granted, the ship’s captain would slow down her speed in “dirty weather.”)

Today’s cruise ships rarely break 25 mph; even many military vessels today don’t have the power of the SS United States. It’s just one of the reasons why America’s Flagship is so special – and must be saved. Donate today to help Save the United States, honor our history and protect this national symbol.

Photo courtesy of Eva Heins.

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