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Around the Web: "SS United States Thrown a Lifeline"

On the heels of a major donation, the WE ARE THE UNITED STATES campaign has never had more momentum-- and folks are taking notice around the web.

Read what columnist Eric Haun recently wrote on

Just days away from a verdict on its ultimate fate, the historic cruise liner SS United States has received a lifeline in the form of a $150,000 donation to a fundraising effort which aims to save “America’s flagship” and restore the storied vessel to its former glory. The $150,000 contribution from cruise industry executive Jim Pollin to the SS United States Conservancy's "We are the United States" campaign has enabled the national nonprofit organization to extend its fundraising and outreach effort through mid-September.

Launched in 1952 as the fastest, largest and safest passenger liner in the world, the SS United States was regarded as an American symbol of elegance and technological prowess, capturing the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage (a record still held to this day), and transporting more than one million passengers over her lifetime, including four U.S. presidents, international royalty and countless Hollywood celebrities...

To date, the "We are the United States" campaign has raised nearly $200,000, as the organization is actively courting developers and investors to revitalize the vessel as a stationary, mixed-use, landmark destination.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story at MarineLink, and be sure to visit our campaign's GoFundMe page to keep the momentum going! Together, we can save the United States.

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