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WATCH: American Evangelist Billy Graham Arrives in Britain Aboard the SS United States

The SS United States was the ship on which to sail in the 1950s and 60s, carrying a very impressive complement of notable passengers on nearly every voyage.

British Pathé has shared this archival footage of one such passenger, American evangelist Billy Graham, arriving in Britain aboard the SS United States in 1954. In a crowd of fans and reporters, Graham was interviewed as he prepared to embark on a three-month "crusade" through England.

"Thousands Mob U.S. Evangelist." Video shared by British Pathé.

Well known in the United States and internationally, Graham's rallies could draw thousands, and his sermons were widely broadcast on radio and television.

While in England, Graham would develop a friendly relationship with Queen Elizabeth II. Their friendship was dramatized in the second season of Netflix historical drama "The Crown." CLICK HERE to find out how the SS United States played a surprising role in fact-checking the hit show.

Billy Graham and wife Ruth Graham aboard the SS United States. Stills from British Pathé.


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