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Help us Save History: Donate Your SS United States Passenger Lists

The SS United States Conservancy prides itself on preserving the unparalleled history of the SS United States through our curatorial programs and growing permanent collections.

As we lay the groundwork for a future, permanent museum, the Conservancy continues to actively collect passenger lists and crew rosters, with the goal of ultimately building a searchable database of former SS United States passengers and crew members. Once a basic database is finalized and circulated, an incredible network of historical connections will emerge! However...we cannot do it without your help!

Passenger list from a 1953 voyage from Bremerhaven to New York. Donated by Merritt Mullen.

Did you or a family member travel aboard the SS United States during her 17-year service career? The Conservancy would love to see copies of any passenger lists or crew rosters saved from those journeys.

While the Conservancy's curatorial collections continue to expand, we do not yet have a complete set of passenger lists from all 400 of the Big U's voyages and cruises. Passenger manifests are perfect for research and genealogy, or for anyone simply interested in learning more about the crew and passengers of America’s Flagship. Helping us grow our passenger list collection will allow us to share the wealth of information hidden within!

We are happy to accept passenger lists in whatever format you are most comfortable providing them — whether you are interested in donating an original list, mailing xerox page copies, or scanning and emailing a digital copy of your list. Simply drop us a line at to coordinate your donation.

Together, we can ensure that the extraordinary legacy of the SS United States, her passengers and her crew members will endure and inspire for generations to come.

Did you travel aboard the SS United States? Photograph courtesy of Dan Koeppel.


We're not only collecting passenger lists! The Conservancy is always interested in original SS United States objects and memorabilia, including both physical artifacts and digital scans of documents or photographs. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Your support keeps America's Flagship safe and allows us to continue to chart a course towards her revitalization and redevelopment. Make your donation today.

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