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Our 5 Favorite Books About the Big U

​Want to immerse yourself in more SS United States history? We would love to introduce you to a number of terrific books currently available for purchase that celebrate the culture and history of America's Flagship.

Choose from a variety of top titles, including some of our favorites:

William Francis Gibbs was an American original, on par with John Roebling and Frank Lloyd Wright. He spent forty years dreaming of the ship that became the SS United States. He loved his ship, the idea of it, and the realization of it, and he devoted himself to making it the epitome of luxury travel during the triumphant post–World War II era. Ujifusa brilliantly describes the way Gibbs worked, and how his vision transformed an industry. A Man and His Ship is a tale of ingenuity and enterprise, a truly remarkable journey on land and sea.​

SS United States: The View from Down Below by Robert Sturm

Sturm, who worked on the SS United States as an engineer, offers “an insider’s view of the history, construction, operation, and ‘secrets’ of this magnificent vessel,” as well as numerous photos — many of which were taken by the author. To order, contact the author at the following address: Robert C. Sturm, 27 Pebble Beach Road, Medford, NY 11763. For more information, please email

Driscoll thoroughly explains the personality and character of the vessel’s designer, William Francis Gibbs, and through historic records and communications, describes the rivalry between Cunard and United States Lines, including Cunard’s attempts to stop funding of the American superliner.

As one of the great experts of American maritime history, Frank Braynard chronicles the life of the Big U — the incredible feat of engineering that still holds the westbound speed record on the North Atlantic. This book stands as a tribute to the ship's legendary maiden voyage, a celebration of her recent rescue efforts by the Conservancy, and an inspiration for future generations to restore the legacy of the greatest ocean liner this country has ever built.

Maxtone-Graham, another of the world's most distinguished maritime historians, takes readers on board the SS United States, giving them a detailed account of her design, construction, and seventeen years of impeccable service. He introduces us to dozens of passengers — famous and infamous — as well as captains and crew.

You can purchase these fantastic works on the SS United States, along with other artwork and Big U collectibles, on our website. Purchasing through Amazon? Be sure to use our AmazonSmile affiliate link to support the Conservancy while you shop.


There are many different ways to get involved and help save the Big U. You can donate to support the future of the ship and the work of the Conservancy, join a regional Conservancy chapter, or help spread the word about the SS United States to friends and family. Together, we can save the United States!

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