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Lady in Waiting Documentary Now on Amazon Prime

For those who have been asking about the 2008 documentary, SS United States: Lady in Waiting, we have some great news: the film is currently available to stream for free, for all Amazon Prime members!

SS United States: Lady in Waiting features appearances from a number of familiar faces, including the Conservancy's Executive Director Susan Gibbs, legendary journalist (and honorary chair of our Advisory Council) Walter Cronkite, and several members of our Board of Directors — Charles Anderson, Joe Rota, and Mark B. Perry (who also served as the film's Executive Producer).

You can watch the trailer below.

Of course, Conservancy purchased the Big U three years later — saving her from the scrap heap, thanks to the help of Gerry Lenfest. However, Lady in Waiting remains an inspiring document of our nation's flagship.

You can watch the full documentary at any time by logging in to your Amazon account and CLICKING HERE; or, you can search for the film from the Prime Video app on your favorite smart device.


More than six decades after her record-breaking maiden voyage, the SS United States remains a vibrant and unforgettable cultural icon. Have you spotted the Big U in any way works of film, television, or literature? Let us know.

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