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Now Available: Custom SS United States Arrival Maps

The Conservancy is excited to share an exciting new commemorative item available in support of our mission to save and revitalize America's historic flagship, the SS United States!

The SS United States is not only a national symbol of American pride and history; she was the gateway to the American dream for thousands of passengers. We're partnering with Jimaworks to offer exciting custom immigration maps, with 15% of the proceeds from sales donated to the Conservancy in direct support of our efforts to save the Big U.

Examples of Jimaworks' custom maps, including samples featuring the SS United States' 1952 maiden voyage. Images courtesy of Jimaworks.

Jimaworks CEO Jim Antonisse immigrated to the United States in 1958 aboard Holland-America's MS Maasdam. Today, he is passionate about helping families to commemorate their own significant crossings, and is excited to support the future of the SS United States, a vessel that carried thousands of immigrants to America during her prolific service career.

Whether you traveled aboard the Big U yourself, or are interested in honoring a voyage taken by relatives, Jim will create a custom map documenting your unique story — the personalized prints can include details regarding the ship and its route, biographical information about the passengers in your group, and more!

A sample Jimaworks map featuring passenger photographs and biographical information, in addition to voyage details. Image courtesy of Jimaworks.

Are you an SS United States enthusiast that immigrated aboard a different vessel, or never made an ocean crossing of your own? All orders placed by Conservancy supporters will be fulfilled with a 15% donation to the Conservancy, whether your custom map features America's Flagship or a different vessel. Additionally — consider a map commemorating her record breaking maiden voyage, rather than an individual immigration story!

Learn more about these products, and place your order through the Jimaworks website HERE. Please specify that you are a supporter of the SS United States Conservancy upon checkout.


The stories of the passengers and crew members who traveled aboard the SS United States are vital to the ship's incredible legacy. Today, the Conservancy is documenting those memories; click HERE and HERE to discover the touching immigration stories of some of the Big U's former passengers.

Interested in supporting the Conservancy through the purchase of art, books, apparel and other exciting items? Check out our online shop!

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