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Smithsonian Magazine Covers the New York Waterfront, but What's Missing?

This month, Smithsonian Magazine explored how New York City is rediscovering its waterfront. Did you know that the waters around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are now the cleanest places to swim in New York Harbor? Joshua Laird, Commissioner of the National Parks of New York Harbor, says the New York waterfront is the city's "first borough" and is undergoing a real revival, from the introduction of 16.5 million oysters to the exciting pier development projects on Manhattan's West Side and the revitalization of Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The story touches only briefly on one of the New York's waterfront's most extraordinary chapters: "The image of enormous ocean liners and merchant ships lined up at the Hudson River wharves framed by Midtown skyscrapers astonished the world with its futuristic ambition."

And we know just the enormous ocean liner that could astonish the city - and the world - once again!

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