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Guests of Top "We Are the United States" Contributor Tour National Parks

This past summer, Jim Pollin and the Pollin Group supported the Conservancy's "We Are the United States" campaign with a very special incentive: A magical trip to some of the nation's most iconic parks offered to the top campaign contributor.

Top supporter Christie Peck's guests; Kaya Meehan and Ariana Farias

This incredible week-long trip, which included visits to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Monument Valley, went to Christie Peck, a longstanding Conservancy supporter. We were glad to hear that Christie's guests, Kaya Meehan and Ariana Farias, had an amazing time!

"I want to personally thank the Conservancy for all its hard work, and also for the class and dignity it has lent to this cause,” said Peck. “People had forgotten about this great American symbol. Others didn’t think she could survive and thrive. Perhaps my donation will make even more people believe otherwise."

Exploring the magnificent landscape of the American Southwest, which was covered in sea over 500 million years ago, certainly puts the history of SS United States in perspective. The nation's extraordinary national parks - along with its fabled flagship, the SS United States - showcase the nation's best.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Another another thank you to Jim Pollin, Christie Peck, and everyone who has contributed to the "We Are the United States" campaign. Together, we have raised over $325,000 to keep the SS United States safely afloat, continue our work to secure a permanent location for the nation's sole remaining ocean liner, and preserve and celebrate the ship's legacy.


The campaign continues! Make your contribution to the #WeAreTheUnitedStates campaign today and help us save this legendary national symbol from destruction. All donations will go directly toward protecting America’s Flagship. Thank you for your continued support!

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